Maddy Christina // Fine Art Photographer

Today I would like to present you a big crush: Maddy Christina

Maddy is a creative person at all times, a passionate who will pass her madness on to you. With which you will find yourself in the four corners of the earth to live extraordinary experiences! Real human and photographic adventures.

Images of great softness, so classy, in the purest Fine Art style.

Look no further, your wedding photographer is here!

«  Dear Maddy, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about your activity?

I’m Maddy Christina, I’m now 34 and i have been doing this job for 8 years. I am wedding photographer and i live between the French Riviera and Dubai with my two adorable dogs. 

What do you love about your profession?

I love having different cultures weddings and be surprised for every one of them. I like the idea of giving to my clients timeless pictures they will be proud to see with their family in 20 years.It’s the most incredible mission ever, and I’m really proud and honored about that.

Your best photo memory?

The next one!

Future projects?

My entire life is a big project! I never stop to challenge myself, and I always think about the future and not the past. Good or bad thing? Let see!

How would you define your style?

« Timeless » is such an important word for me. I want my brides and grooms to be proud of sharing their pictures in 20 years without saying « oh, it was trendy at this moment… » .Classical, pastel and luminous. It’s my style, and happily, you have photographers and styles for everyone! What is important is to find the best photographer FOR YOU.

Any advice for choosing a photographer?

Meet your photographer. That is sooo important. We always focus on the pictures, but the personality of your photographer is as much important as his/her personality. This person is going to follow you during all the day, it’s important for you to be confortable with him/her!


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