Dmytro Sobokar Photography

1. Dear Dmytro can you introduce yourself and tell us a little more about your activity?
I’m a professional wedding photographer. I’ve been doing wedding photography for over 10 years. For my work, I have shot more than 200 weddings. Each wedding is unique in its own way. I never get bored doing my job. Every time I come to the shooting, I discover the relationship between couples and I like it.
2. What do you adore in your profession?
I love my job very much. The wedding is an acquaintance with new interesting people, a new experience, bright emotions. Beautiful places and beautiful people inspire me for creativity.
3. Your most beautiful story?
I photographed in many countries of the world, but the most memorable is one of the weddings in Cannes in France. So bright and emotional people I did not have to shoot before. The guys met through facebook and met for the first time before flying in a hot air balloon. He constantly surprises her with various extravagant surprises and on the day of the wedding he went down to her on the parachute. I wish more such unique stories.
4. Future projects?
In addition to wedding photography, I am actively engaged in art projects. For now, I have more than a dozen gold medals in my collection for winning the prestigious international competitions including Trierenberg Super Circuit and Al-Thani Award for Photography. The main task for me now is to bring the wedding photo as close to the art as I can.